Our Schools

Central to this area’s economy is the Herrin Community School System, which has an annual budget of about $24 million. The School System is one of the community’s largest employers with approximately 300 employees, each playing a vital role in providing quality education for all students by offering complete academic programs with the flexibility to meet students’ individual needs. Our schools remain the main emphasis for our community. There are four attendance centers within the Herrin School System in grades PreK-12. Northside Primary Center houses students in grades PreK-1st grade. Herrin Elementary School houses students in grades 2-5. Herrin Junior High contains grades 6-8. Herrin High School is truly a comprehensive High School that houses students in grades 9-12. The high school offers a wide range of AP courses and dual credit classes through a joint agreement with John A. Logan College. In addition, the high school offers a wide range of Career and Technical Education courses that can prepare a student for an array of technical fields. Additionally, the Herrin School District is a voting member of the Special Education, Vocational Education, and PreK Cooperatives of Williamson County. Evening and adult classes are available through a joint agreement with John A. Logan Community College to those wishing to advance their education. All schools maintain high scholastic and academic standards and are accredited by the state of Illinois. Our students today face a multitude of challenges. Herrin educators know that they need the support of everyone—volunteers, businesses, families and the entire community—to assure that all students are provided with the opportunity to be well prepared to successfully enter the workforce, career/technical training, or higher education.