Terry Ryker

Terry Ryker , 19 days ago

It appears that yesterday’s post about the next school year caused some confusion. I hope to clarify what was stated.

Registration for the next school year will be in-person at Herrin High School from August 3-5 for all schools. School will be in session full time 5 days a week. We will be operating on the same hours we had before the pandemic. All students will be expected to be back to in-person learning.

Remote learning will only be an option for students who have been diagnosed with COVID 19, or have been exposed to COVID 19 and have not been vaccinated. Under these two circumstances, the students will learn remotely for 10-14 days, then they will return to school after the quarantine. If a student is exposed to COVID 19, and has been vaccinated, they will not need to quarantine.

Students aged 12 and above have the option to be vaccinated. It is not mandatory to have your child vaccinated. If you want your child age 12 and above to be vaccinated, you can register online at
The vaccinations are being given at the Williamson County Pavilion.

Terry Ryker

Terry Ryker , 20 days ago

We have just completed a very challenging school year and we are already planning for the 2021/2022 school year. We will be starting school on August 11th. We will be starting school full time five days a week. There will be no remote option next year. The only students who will be learning remotely will be students who have not been vaccinated and have been exposed to COVID 19. I encourage parents to have their children, age 12 and above, vaccinated at their earliest convenience. Bi-county health is providing the vaccine at the Williamson Pavilion.

Kris Mason

Kris Mason , about 1 month ago

Good afternoon! The weather has caused a minor delay with this evening’s high school graduation ceremony. We are moving the ceremony to 7:00 PM at the Herrin Tiger Football Field. Please bring a towel. We ask graduates to arrive at 6:15 PM and line up by the home locker room. We appreciate your patience. Thank you!

Terry Ryker

Terry Ryker , about 1 month ago

Bi-county health department is scheduling COVID 19 vaccinations for students 12 years and older. Vaccination clinics will be at the Williamson County Pavilion on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can schedule online at

Terry Ryker

Terry Ryker , about 1 month ago

Thursday, May 6th has been designated as a Remote Planning Day. Teachers and staff will report to work. Students will not have school. No lessons or assignments will be given on the 6th.

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