5Essentials Survey for school year 2023-2024 will run from JANUARY 30​, 2024 to MARCH 29, 2024.


The 5Essentials is a research-based school improvement system. It is comprised of a school improvement framework, diagnostic survey, and professional learning that provide meaningful insight into a school's organizational conditions, culture, and climate. It helps schools prioritize areas for improvement and measure progress toward improved organizational conditions necessary for achieving sustainable school improvement. 

The five indicators that positively affect school success are:

  1. Effective Leaders

  2. Collaborative Teachers

  3. Involved Families

  4. Supportive Environments

  5. Ambitious Instruction

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Research derived from the Five Essentials for School Success has proven that schools strong on at least three of the 5Essentials are 10 times more likely to improve student outcomes.

Schools across Illinois are participating in the annual 5Essentials Survey of Learning Conditions: Organizing Schools for Improvement this past academic year. This survey generates valuable data that districts can use to guide their ongoing efforts to improve schools and offer students an excellent education. The survey is another improvement tool that allows districts and the state to share data as a means to inform parents and community members about the school’s learning environment. The Illinois 5Essentials Survey is administered online by UChicago Impact at the University of Chicago on behalf of the Illinois State Board of Education.