Honors Program

The HJHS Honors Program is on Thursday (5/26) at 9am. Grades were cut off on Friday (5/20), and for many, they wouldn’t know if they made honors until after final 4th quarter grades were put in. The cut-off for that was 5/23 at 3:30pm.  Students should be told by teachers when they finish inputting their grades if they were getting awards, but you could also check Powerschool to see if your student wasn’t. You will look at the Y1, that’s an average for the whole year. For 7th grade, if the Y1 is an A, they will be getting an award for that subject. For 6th grade, if the Y1 is an A-, they’ll get Honors, if it is an A, they’ll get High Honors. Students can get up to 4 awards, one for each core subject, and then there are some others for perfect attendance and math competition, etc.